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First,  make download from:
After that, execute on your machine and define the information that you want describe on your wallpaper. and save with the name info.bgi

After define the detail that you need to show, save the info.bgi on the same folder.
add the folder bginfo and move your  folder for netlogon folder located on domain controller .
In my case, inside of folder was created:

Bginfo.exe <file downloaded from web site microsoft technet>
Eula.txt <file downloaded from web site microsoft technet>
info.bgi <file created from Bginfo.exe>
file.bat <file created with code line down>

When you goto create a file info.bgi, before execute this procedure:
Set bitmap / location,

And set User's application data directory and click ok

and create a file.bat on the same folder with this code line:

\\<your_domain_controller>\NETLOGON\BGinfo\Bginfo.exe \\<your_domain_controller>\NETLOGON\BGinfo\info.bgi /timer:0 /accepteula

in my case my domain controller:
\\dc.viannas.local\NETLOGON\BGinfo\Bginfo.exe \\dc.viannas.local\NETLOGON\BGinfo\info.bgi /timer:0 /accepteula

Move every file on network folder:

Now, go for your AD server and open Group Policy manager go for:
Forest:<your domain>
       and access Group policy object field  and create a group policy objetcts with name bginfo.  After this procedure, edit this Gpo by right click, edit.

I'll open a Group Policy management editor, here follow this way:

Go for:
User Configuration
      Windows Settings
         Scripts (logon/logout)
          Edit logon by properties option
On the field scripts, click em add and set the bat file in my case, file.bat for this configuration.

After that, execute gpupdate /force on all your computer on domain and check the result:

Obs, in some cases i must restart the computers.
Was tested on:  2012r2, 7x64, 7x32, 10x32

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